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Macronutrient Ratio Guide – How to Plan Your Diet
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It’s Jonny with Insane Home Fat Loss and today I want to give you a Macros Ratio Quick Reference Guide! I still a lot of questions from those around me about their diets and what ratios they should be eating based on their goals. Higher carbs? Higher protein? Higher fat? So pay attention today to these brief pointers that I’m about to give you. It could be game changer to you meeting your goals faster.

Video Breakdown:
0:36 For those who may not know…
– Macronutrients are the nutrition that you get from the foods you eat that allow your body to perform it’s basic functions such as breathing, sleeping, etc…

0:51 So what is a Macronutrient Ratio?
– The ratio of the 3 macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) that you should be consuming each day that equal 100% of your diet.

1:23 What should MY Macro Ratio be?
– Everyone is different but there are some guidelines that you can follow to figure it out.
– The BEST answer that I can give you is to test different ratios. Your body will react differently than mine to various ratios, you just got to try and see.

1:57 Do keep these 2 things in mind:
1) Pick a ratio based on what your goals are.
– If you’re looking to train for a marathon or pack on a lot of muscle think about doing a higher carb diet.
– If you want to shed fat or slim down try lowering your carbs or fat ratio.
2) You can lose weight on any ratio, but your overall calorie intake is the biggest factor.
– Being in a deficit is the simplest way I can explain how to lose weight… you can follow all these crazy rules that you read about, but if you’re eating more than you’re burning you’ll never lose the weight you want.

3:22 Important pointer to keep in mind:
– Each gram of carbs = 4 calories
– Each gram of protein = 4 calories
– Each gram of fat = 9 calories

3:39 Your body will only store carbs and fat as energy.
– This means that if you don’t have enough fat or carbs in your body then when your body needs fuel it will start to eat your muscle for fuel. Or go “catabolic”.

Alright y’all, that’s all I have for today… I hit you with a crash course on Macronutrients Ratios as well as some guidelines to follow. So, start experimenting and see what works for your body and your lifestyle.

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