Perfect Soil

The Perfect Soil – Forget about compost piles!
[First image with 5 pots] At first sight, this might look like stages of plant growth. The fact is that these 5 pots were planted 3 weeks ago. Same seed, planted same day. Main difference: Soil.

1.- What are the qualities of perfect soil?

+ Full of life
+ Antiseptic
+ Airy and soft
+ Good drainage
+ Full of nutrients
+ Very fresh smell
+ Good water retention
+ Free from unwanted seeds

2.- Layers of soil

+ Organic Matter
+ Topsoil Humus
+ Clay, Silt. Sand, Rock & Bedrock

+Acid or Alkaline
+Salty / Sweet / Pungent
+Mineral Content

3.- Real life example:

+ Topsoil
+ Clay
+ Sand
+ Forest topsoil
+ Perfect soil

4.- How can I make perfect soil?


1 – Collect grass, leaves and organic material
2 – Find a way to shred into small sized particles (removing rocks or hard to break items)
3 – Destroy unwanted bacteria and seeds
4 – Inoculate with beneficial bacteria
5 – Maintain warm temperature
6 – Wait for several months/year until the beneficial bacteria take over
7 – Avoid rainwater so that nutrients are not lost
8 – Repeat this process many times to continuously feed your plants

Method #1 – Man made machinery

+Lawn mowers
+Mechanical sifters
+Composting tanks or bins


Method #2 – Traditional Compost pile

+Labor intensive
+Long waiting times
+Rainwater protection


Method #3 – Buy Fertilizer

+Not alive
+Not scalable
+Too expensive
+Not homemade


5.- What is the vedic way of making perfect soil?

The Cow: The perfect soil generator

1.- Collect and shreds huge amounts of organic matter
2.- Inoculate with beneficial bacteria
2.- Automatically filters rocks and bigger particles
4.- Generates antiseptic seedless single units of perfect soil

6.- Procedure

1.- Collect the cow dung
2.- Dry it on a wall
3.- Crush when dry

7.- Innumerable benefits

+Easy to maintain
+Gentle and peaceful
+Get perfect soil very quickly
+Reproduce to increase output
+Work every day of the year non-stop
+As an extra gift you get milk, yogurt, butter, etc.