Tomato Cages

How To Make The World’s BEST Tomato Cages
I’m going to show you how to make the world’s BEST tomato cages. Nothing else comes close.

If you’ve ever used the cone-shaped tomato cages from the Big Box stores, you know they don’t do a very good job. Actually, they do a TERRIBLE job. The openings are too small to pick the tomatoes, they are way too short, and they’ll blow over if you sneeze on ’em.

Making your own tomato cages from remesh wire is a great alternative to these cheap little pieces of junk. The openings on these are 6″ square, giving you plenty of room to pick the tomatoes inside. They’re very sturdy… and they’ll last for YEARS.
I’ve had some of mine for over 20 years !

Don’t let your tomatoes wind up on the ground because you didn’t give them enough support. It’s too hard to try to stand them back up straight… they’ll get diseased… and the fruit will ruin.

(Give ’em new tomato cages)

Better hurry up and get going… they grow up so fast…


Here’s a link to some remesh wire at Lowes :